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Welcome to BEST Magazine Cincinnati. BEST presents Cincinnati’s most interesting people telling their stories from inside their homes. Founded in 2005 by Doug and Marianne Sandhage, BEST has now published 38 issues featuring

more than 500 stories. No other magazine in the Cincinnati marketplace practices a more “personal and passionate” approach to its content, which includes both its stories and advertising promotions. And now, most of the homes includes a movie that be be viewed in hi-definition by clicking the cover at the left, or by visiting
   The vision for BEST was based on more than 35 years of publishing experience and, more particularly, by carefully listening to what readers want in a magazine. They want to see people in their homes and find out who they are, what they do.
   Thank you for visiting with us.

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To see the article about John that appeared in BEST Magazine, Ruthven_2010_1.pdf


To see the article about Jose and Cora Garcia and their Amberley Village home that appeared in BEST Magazine 2011, go to:

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